Upper Elementary (grades 4 - 6)


8:30 AM to 3:30 PM Daily


Upper Elementary students are ready and eager to embrace larger issues, more abstract concepts, and greater responsibility. Classroom ambiance evolves naturally from the Lower Elementary room. The increasing competence and maturity of the Upper Elementary students gives teachers the chance to offer them new opportunities for social and academic advancement. Students examine current events and delve more deeply into issues requiring the conflict resolution skills that they have been refining over their years at the Ocean State Montessori School. The integrated curriculum provides students with the opportunity to do more complex research and to demonstrate their growing knowledge and skills through the many avenues of expression they have been developing.

As in the Lower Elementary classroom, independent work occupies much of the elementary student’s day. Each student plans and follows a daily record that outlines the work s/he needs to do each day. Our integrated curriculum includes math, geometry, spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, history, geography and physical and social sciences. In addition to the core subjects we also offer art, Spanish, music, and physical education. Students have opportunity for group work and interaction. Field trips and special visitors further enrich the curriculum.