Special Studies


Primary students have an integrated curriculum that incorporates art, music, and culture into the daily curriculum. Their monthly units of study include an artist of the month, a composer of the month, and varied cultural studies. The units of study are printed in the school’s monthly newsletter so parents know what is in store for the month ahead. Additionally, primary students attend a weekly music class with our visiting music teacher.

Lower and Upper Elementary

Our Elementary students have several “specials” classes each week that enhance the core curriculum. “Specials” include art, music, Spanish, and physical education.

  • Art: In art, students explore a variety of media and styles. Past projects include self-portraits, landscape portraits, Japanese writing, sculpture, and Chinese calligraphy.
  • Music: In music, students learn about rhythm and tone through song, movement and musical instruments (xylophone, recorder).
  • Foreign Language: Spanish has an emphasis on vocabulary development and learning about different cultures.
  • Physical Education: Physical education classes allow students to participate in a variety of activities that build strength, develop gross motor skills, and promote sportsmanship.