Lower Elementary (grades 1 - 3)


8:30 AM to 3:30 PM Daily


Dr. Maria Montessori recognized that the needs of children at this age are different from the needs of preschool aged children. Elementary aged children begin to move from concrete reasoning to being able to understand more abstract ideas. They begin to develop their moral selves and have a greater desire to explore and learn about their environment. Social interaction with peers becomes increasingly important to the elementary aged child. The multi-aged Montessori classroom offers a positive environment for social and moral, as well as educational development. The children help to set the ground rules for the class and decide what should happen if these rules are broken. They also take an active role in helping to care for their classroom environment.

Independent work occupies much of the elementary student's day. Each student plans and follows a daily record that outlines the work he needs to do each day. Our integrated curriculum includes math, geometry, spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, history, geography, and physical and social sciences. In additon to the core subjects, we also offer Art, Spanish, Music, and Physical Education. There is opportunity for group work and interaction. Field trips and special visitors enrich and support the curriculum.